New bench convector solution

Functionality is the way to change your life for good.

All human history is the aspiration for something better whatever the circumstances. The strive for functionality is inherent to mice and men - you are what you do and the function you perform. The clearer your function is the more efficient and therefore happier you will be. Here in SanGalli we do realize our function. We create convectors, which bring warmth, enhancing the life itself.

Reliability is something that we all aspire to.

A strong tried friendship is more valuable than a familiarity. A true love is more than a passing fancy. Why? Because both friendship and love are enduring, and we want someone true to trust with our lives to. That is why we are willing to make our convectors not only functional but also reliable.

Ecology is the responsibility for future, the strategic thinking.

We don’t just do whatever we want whenever and however we want it. We think about the consequences. About the air, our children will breathe in, the place they will live in, how healthy they will be. It’s complicated but necessary. Who but us will take care of it?

Comfort is your own game rule.

We always seek the best conditions possible. Set goals, obtain them, move forward to the new conveniences. Find out what truly yours is.


Restoring old traditions

The long story of devotion to the cause and the aspiration to make fine product locally correlates with our vision of the market and development of the product on the territory of Russia. Therefore, our company succeeded to the name of the product inventor — San Galli.

Devotion to the cause, energy and team work play a huge role in everything we do.

We are a team of likeminded professionals who are united by the aspiration to create.

Each of the SanGalli products is the result of the advanced engineering developments and thorough testing. They correspond to high standards of reliability, safety and productivity. This is the only way we can maintain global standard quality.


The San Galli-produced radiator

The advertisement of the outlets and products of San Galli iron foundry

Franz Karlovich San Galli (1824 — 1908)

Franz Karlovich San Galli in his factory office


From the beginning of XIX century steam was put to a good use – it satisfied heating needs for both living rooms and greenhouses. Nevertheless, its usage was brought to a large scale only in the late XIX along with buildings’ floor space and storey numbers’ growth and development of water heating system.

Curious to relate that heating radiator was invented more than 150 years ago in Russia by Franz Karlovich San Galli, an engineer of Italian and German descent.

Both idealistic- and entrepreneur-minded, self-driven San Galli aspired to benefit society with his activities.

Franz moved to Russia in 1842, where piercing intelligence of the young man gets him a position of accountant’s deputy in famous machine-building factory of Charles Bird. It was the turning point of his life.

Later he became deeply concerned in foundry and mechanics while working with Scottish specialists, whose methods he strived to adopt.

28-year old Franz made a landmark decision of opening his own workshop on Ligovsky Avenue.

Eventually this workshop expanded into enormous iron foundry in the center of Saint-Petersburg.

“Without haste and without rest” – this is the motto which united more than 800 proud professionals.

San Galli’s factory produced wide variety of goods, but there were outstanding ones. These were innovative heating systems, which promptly became famous and widely used.


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